Only the Cover and the Title Page

First things first: anyone who knows what I’m quoting in the title of this post gets 50 cool points.

Well, welcome to my blog…let me introduce myself. My name is Katelyn, and I am a senior English major at Bryan College. I am an intern at the college library this semester, and what I write here will be my observations about my experience, as well as my thoughts about libraries, books, and other such wonderful things. When I learn new things, you’ll be the first to know, which is appropriate, because gaining knowledge and expanding your understanding of the world is surely a prime reason for the existence of libraries. And then you’ll know about the inner workings of libraries, which would be hard to find out, unless you also became a library intern (highly recommended, but maybe I’m biased).

I plan to post at least once a week, so check back often if you’re interested in joining me on my journey through the stacks.


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