The Story

“If the point of life is the same as the point of a story, the point of life is character transformation.”

– Donald Miller, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years


This post is a little late, and for that I apologize, but my future husband was visiting last weekend, and that really seemed to trump everything else. Life is really funny sometimes. Perfectly balanced plans fall like houses of cards, and actually, that’s a good thing. I guess this going to be autobiographical in nature, so bear with me. A year ago, I was planning to go to graduate school, grind through two more years of higher education, and basically live for that. My mindset was also reflected in my focus. I love research, and for that reason, I am drawn to a career in academic librarianship. And as much as I would still love to do that, I am finding myself becoming more flexible. In fact, “flexible” might be the best word to describe the way my life is going. My guy is in the military, which means that I will eventually be completely attached to the military as well. Make no mistake, I am very excited about this prospect…lots of opportunity for travel and meeting new people (some of my favorite pastimes). But there’s not a guarantee of a college near a base. But here’s the thing – all bases have libraries and they need qualified librarians. Yes, such libraries are small. Yes, they cater only to service members and their families. Yes, they are basically public libraries. But in my time as a college student, I have found that working with information can only give you so much satisfaction. I have become so appreciative of my opportunities to build relationships with the people around me, and I think that working directly with people would be of so much benefit to my character. I could much more easily see my work as a ministry – as a way to serve others, and not necessarily a way to achieve my own personal gain from whatever I’m doing. I have no idea what the future holds, so the way my story will turn out will be completely unexpected, but I trust the Lord to write it with his perfect words, and wherever I go, I know that my skills will be useful.


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