The Location

I know that my internship is in a college library, but I am completely enthralled by home libraries. The emphasis is so aesthetically-oriented. I will admit that in my college searching, the atmosphere of the library was a huge factor…right up there with cafeteria food quality. Ok, well, that was pretty much a bust, but the library part still holds true. Other colleges I visited had libraries that were dimly lit by fluorescent lights and that were obviously strictly utilitarian. Not a place where you’d want to settle in. I like my college’s library…neutral colors, lots of huge windows, artwork, the comfiest chairs in the whole campus. This is a library where its fun to browse. I think that all libraries should be places that draw you in and make you want to stay. I love libraries with an identity. I live in a historical railroad town, and our public library has railroad crossing lights and signs as decor, and the children’s section’s computers are housed in a colorful little train. Anyway, here are some great pictures of home libraries. I would love to see all libraries focus on their aesthetic quality as much as they do the quality of their collections (as funding permits, I suppose).


One response to “The Location”

  1. Vonnie Johnson says :

    Loved the pictures of home libraries. I have always wished for a window seat where I could curl up with my favorite book.

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