The Election

I know that we’re all sick of hearing about politics at this point. I’m with you, believe me. But as frustrating as the confusing cloud of politics can be, one thing is clear, and that is that as citizens, we have a right, and basically a duty, to vote. Seriously, it’s so easy, I don’t know what so many people don’t bother. I am all about exercising the rights that I have. Anyway, one of the coolest things about libraries is how they inform people about the voting process, allow them to take the action of registering, and often provide a polling place for the actual vote. This article, from American Libraries Magazine, talks about a lot of the things that libraries provide as “icons of civic engagement in America.” That’s a cool phrase. The article does spend a lot of time talking about voter ID issues, which is annoying, but not unexpected from an ALA publication. But otherwise, the article has some great things to mention, specifically about libraries’ efforts to offer reading materials that help people fully understand the voting process, as well as their voter registration drives, which are gaining more importance now with the new National Voter Registration Day. Our library had a great display set up a few weeks ago encouraging voter registration, with the incentive of receiving a pocket-sized copy of the Constitution. Libraries are such a great way to encourage knowledge about our country and its government, which is much needed because, unfortunately, many people are not informed about those things. The final section of the article was of particular interest to me, since it talked about my hometown’s library system, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Public Libraries. Apparently, Imaginon, the children’s library and children’s theatre, was rented out for use during the Democratic National Convention. So I guess that’s one way to raise library funds. Anyway, as of now, there are a few hours left for the polls, so go and vote if you haven’t!


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