Do the Beagle

Happy Thanksgiving! This was the first truly major holiday since the beginning of the school year, and it’s one that everyone loves. Not surprisingly, some libraries like to get in on the festivities, and I love the theme of the Mentor Public Library in Ohio: A Charlie Browns Thanksgiving. If there’s anything that’s as great as the actually holiday, it’s the humorous antics of Charles Schulz’s classic characters. Snoopy gets the spotlight in this one…who can forget his wrestling match with dining chairs? So anyway, the Mentor library had a children’s program that recreated the epic Thanksgiving dinner from the show: pudding, toast, pretzel sticks, popcorn, and jelly beans. Adorable pictures can be found here, and I think we can all agree with the article’s interviewee, 6 year-old Sophie, who “just likes to eat.” However you celebrated, and whatever food you had, as long as you’re with family and friends, it’s got to be wonderful. (If you missed Charlie Brown on the tube, the whole show is on YouTube, by the way.)


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