The semester is winding down, so I think I’m going to share a few highlights of my time here, in brief. To start out with, three events the library has had this semester that enrich students’ appreciation for literature and the arts:

1. Listen to This. I actually got to help promote one of these events, which was very fun. Reading aloud is a wonderful thing…we’ve all known that since we were children. These events are basically glorified group read-alouds. We’ve had one where professors read works that they enjoy (mostly children’s books), and we’ve had another where local poets were invited to read their own works. My dad read to me and my brother basically until I left for college, so I absolutely love this idea for a library event. I can’t wait until next semester when students get to read.

2. Handbuilding. This wasn’t actually an event, but rather a display of the sculptures made by the students in the handbuilding class. I am not artistic myself in any way, shape, or form, but I love appreciating art. And this stuff was great! I expect that many of the people in the class were beginners, which makes it even more impressive. But I was glad that the students could use the library to show off their hard work to anyone who wanted to see it.

3. Ok, this isn’t actually a thing that the library has done, but it would be super cool if they would. In the same vein as the sculpting thing, I think it would be fun if the library had some sort of contest for “book art.” Check out this sculpture at the the top of the page from the Scottish Poetry Library. Isn’t that the coolest thing ever? I guess that was done by some professional (but who knows…the website says it was given to the library anonymously), but I think artsy Bryan students could step up to the challenge. I think it’s a great idea, anyway.


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